Hi - I'm She!

Hi, I’m She…

Here are a few things to know about a girl like me… (I can’t wait to meet all of you!)

I’m a mixed-media artist, Mom to a fantastical daughter (Kaeleigh), and fierce advocate for raising strong, confident, brave, and intelligent daughters… YES!

I am a girl who is passionate about a few things… one is ensuring that girls and women know THEY are the only ones who have the right to define their role in this great, big, magical world. Girls and ladies, listen up! You don’t have to be confined to the outdated, stereotypical gender norms that still exist today (yes, they still exist… I don’t know why… but they are still out there lurking and loitering… beware!). You can be WHO you want, and WHAT you want… no matter your gender.

I am a girl that believes “you cannot be what you cannot see”. When I was growing up, I rarely saw women in leadership positions. I never saw a female president (I hope to soon!); I never saw a female CEO of a Fortune 500 company; I never saw a female leader of the local water company! Because these visuals were not in my tiny-bubble-of-a-world, I didn’t see all the cool and interesting adventures I could go on. I had such a narrow view of what I thought I could be or do in this world… I don’t want girls and women to be limited like I was… I want girls and women to know there are sooooo many options out there for you to choose from.

I am a girl that believes in finding your voice… early in life… and using it often, loudly, and respectfully. I didn’t find my voice until I was well into my twenties. I was a late bloomer in a lot of areas. I would soooo love it if girls could find their voice earlier in life, nurture it, take care of it, and use it… often. I know for sure if I’d found my voice earlier in life, and had the confidence to use it, I would have experienced so many richer “growing-up” moments.

I am a girl with a lot of energy… I rarely sit still for long periods. I like to be in motion… I like physical exertion… it makes me feel strong! When I’m out running or bicycling or doing hard-core gardening, my mind becomes so open and free… I have my greatest (and often craziest) ideas when I’m out in nature.

Through my art, my blog, my curated articles, and discussions, I strive to empower and inspire girls and women to broaden their minds… and to see the magical power they have for themselves in this great big wonderful world! I want young girls to see visuals every single day that show smart, strong, brave, and confident women who are leaders in this world. I want that vision of women to be the norm… for everyone…

So… what kind of a girl are YOU? Quick… say 3 words that best describe a girl like YOU.