Find YOUR Voice

Ok girls… are you out there? Let's yammer about something… let's talk about voices.

So, I'm not talking about the audible voice you use to ask your teacher a question, or the voice you use to talk on the phone… I'm talking about the often "tiny" voice deep within you that has to be discovered by you, nurtured by you, and cared for by you. The voice that knows what you like or dislike; the voice that knows your opinions about things; the voice that knows what makes you happy, or sad, or disappointed; the voice that longs to speak out about things that are important to you.

I didn't find my voice until I was in my twenties… which was a looonnng time to wait. I was quite shy growing up… painfully shy. I never raised my hand in class… EVER! The thought of raising my hand in class, having everyone turn and look at me, and the possibility that I might say something ridiculously stupid, TERRIFIED me. So, I just never raised my hand! CRAZY, right? I didn't know how to express myself, I didn't think I had a voice, and I certainly didn't know how to use it. Please, please, girls, don't be like I was.

Maybe you haven't found your voice yet, but I PROMISE it's within you. Try and find it… just think about the things that make you happy or sad; think of the things that fill you up with joy; think of things that make you angry. You may be the kind of girl that likes to journal… if so, write down three things that make you mad, and three things that make you happy. Make a list of 5 women that you look up to, then think about WHY you look up to them. All of this "thinking" helps you find your voice! Maybe you are like me… you like to run or bicycle. When you are out running, let your mind wander… and think about things going on at school or in the world that make you sad or angry… or maybe something that annoys you. All of these thoughts help you find your voice, understand your voice, and shape your voice! And, the more you understand your voice, the more you understand yourself… and you begin to build confidence… that's when you start to shine.

Try and find your voice… AND have the confidence to use it OFTEN… LOUDLY… and RESPECTFULLY. There's no one else out there exactly like you… with a voice like you… use your voice to show the world who you are… every day.

Keep walking towards your magic… and be a girl like YOU...