Exactly What I Was Looking For!

Love all the items.

-Kelly, KCityBags 


My Niece LOVED Her A Girl Like Me Journal!

I bought a journal for my niece as a high school graduation gift. The hard part was deciding which journal best matched her personality. There are so many good choices, it was hard to pick one. A Girl Like Me’s webpage is well designed. It was easy to review all the choices and checkout was a breeze. The journal arrived within days and my niece was greatly pleased with the gift. She said she enjoyed reading the blogs on A Girl Like Me and looking at all the great merch.

-Whit K. 

I LOVE A Girl Like Me Art!

I have now purchased a few different items from the shop and am 100% satisfied with the entire process. The website was easy to navigate, and the pieces arrived quickly, with protected packaging. Sheila was even able to create a custom design for me, as a female scientist who struggles in my male-dominate work environment. I have the original painting, which is BEAUTIFUL, with so many intricate details and layers in the art that aren't fully evident in the online pictures. The frame is gorgeous, mounted flawlessly, and perfect for the painting. I loved it so much, I bought several prints for all my scientist girlfriends. The prints were great quality and my friends had so much fun reading the information about them, along with the hidden date and equations. My favorite thing about this artist is her mission to empower women, and especially young girls, to believe in themselves, their strengths, and abilities. It's such an important message. I highly recommend this shop, and will be purchasing more items in the near future!

-Kelly W. 

I found A Girl Like Me website on Facebook at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. 

I have three nieces who are registered nurses, who were workIng the front lines in NYC.   I searched A Girl Like Me’s website and ended up getting cards to send positive messages to my nieces weekly.   They were a HUGE hit!  I now have bought everyone journals for Christmas.   These are great, positive and one of a kind gifts!   She is a delight to work with and I will also be coming back!!

-Patty Q.

I was introduced to A Girl Like Me art at a handcrafted artist shop in Asheville, NC.

I bought myself a beautiful print, left and thought to myself, my niece really needs some female empowerment! She plays softball, so I bought her the softball print, framed it, and she LOVES it! I think all females could use some empowerment through art!

-Christine S.

My first A Girl Like Me purchase was a custom piece that defined and represented me to a T!

It hangs in my office where it is a constant reminder of my worth and value, especially on days when I’m tired or worn down by the barrage of noise & negativity in a male-dominated market. 
That lead me to wanting more...wanting to share Sheila Mae’s message with other women about their value too, empowering their thoughts and self-view and passing that strength along to our daughters, nieces, sisters, friends etc., so I bought a ton of greeting cards, selecting the perfect messages for each of the ladies I hold dear & gifting a piece of art at the same time.
-Jessica W.S.

'A Girl Like Me Art' offered the perfect prints for me to give as graduation gifts, for both high school and college girls! 

I was able to select the prints that related to each girl's personality and interests!  I received the gifts within a couple of days, and they were packaged so that they arrived in excellent condition,  I had a few questions to ask Sheila, and she responded right away.  I cannot wait to see what new 'Girl Power' art Sheila will add next!

-Laurie M.

I discovered and purchased an original piece of She’s art during a girls trip to Asheville, NC.

My girlfriends and I love her interpretation of girl power! I’ve since ordered many gifts for the special women and girls in my life - inspirational and lifelong keepsakes that are always adored by the receiver. Great quality and thoughtful, secure packaging. Quick and pleasant communication. Perfect gift for girls and women of any age. Highly recommend if you are in search of unique and one of a kind gifts or greeting cards!

-Billie B.