Empower, Resist, Unite

Wanna crush gender stereotypes once and for all?!? Join me...

If so, then you landed in the right place! I know what it feels like to walk a daily path laden with misogyny, sexism, and inequality. So, ENOUGH ALREADY! I believe women are the most BAD-ASS humans around and my art speaks to that powerful belief in all things female.

My art is all about empowering women to know a few things…

YOU are the only one who can choose your path in life… not your husband, parents, partner, friends, or society.

You CAN push back against misogyny and sexism. You are ENTITLED to the same pay for the same work.

♀ Inequality still thrives… YOU have a responsibility to fight back for the girls and ladies that follow.

I always include words on my art. The words serve to make you laugh, think, or start a conversation… all of which can create change.

Oh yeah… I include a slightly hidden date in each piece of art and art gift I create. The date represents a date in “herstory” that a woman performed a fantastical feat for the rest of us ladies. Find the date!