Don't Mistake My Demureness For Weakness... I Am Fearless, And I Roar 2 - Original


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a girl like me... “Don't mistake my demureness for weakness... I am fearless, and I roar.”

So... don't you know a young lady who sometimes can be a bit of a contradiction? On the one hand, she seems a tad shy; on the other hand, she sometimes comes out ROARING. Well, this print is for all the girls, ladies, females, and women who are often judged too quickly. People may think these lovelies are weak or frail, when in fact, they can pack a FIERCE punch both physically and emotionally... give her a try, all you judgers!

  • I created this Mixed Media painting on a 7x14 canvas using acrylics, gelatos, pastels, ink, charcoal, and paper.
  • Each painting has a slightly "hidden" date somewhere on the canvas; the date represents a date in history that a woman performed a FANTASTICAL feat!
  • The painting is delivered to your door with a custom tag describing the inspiring woman and the date she set the world ablaze.
Need it framed? No problem! Just select “Yes - frame please!” on the menu, and I will surround your custom art with a cool looking frame. Your girl will look exceptionally FEARLESS!